About Us

I was locked out that whole Golden Week in my apartment: the cash card didn’t arrive on time.

All my friends were on vacation and I only had a coin in my pocket so I couldn’t go any further than the nearby park. Hard to believe but I readied myself to an ordeal: Day 1:  Cleaned the garden. Day 2: Repaired the broken chair. Day 3: Sewed my jacket. Day 4: Cooked adobo; prepared tacos. Can’t get enough: workaholic as ever: ‘got bored.

Hurriedly combed my thinning hair, put my hair fibers on and looked into the mirror.  I looked again.

I looked closer…into my hair and stopped…..hmmm…’got a good idea! Hey! They need this too! Changed my pajamas, switched on my computer and started the research. I got occupied every day since. The next thing I knew: piles of plates and cups filled my sink.  I slept until wee hours in the morning.  Endless cups of coffee…one after another after another…

This incredible and amazing product will delight everyone: young and old; rich and the not-so-rich; men and women alike. I can help them maintain their grooming at school and the workplace so then:

Showme Hair Building Fibers was born.

An easy to maintain in the budget, more economical with the spray controller giving a smooth and an even distribution of fibers.

A doorbell rang that Monday morning; ‘got the long-awaited card; everyone has to go back to work; My fridge was totally cleaned up, the kitchen in total mess whatever: that smile in store then –  brightens up someone else’s now.

I owe a million thanks to a handful of friends who believed in this product and never hesitated to join me in this awesome journey. To my supportive family especially to my pretty and gorgeous niece, Janine, who sandwiched her time between the logo making and her nursing review, I hope we will all go a long way and continue to be a part of this story”.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help other people recreate themselves and enrich their lives and contribute to their outlook success and professional fulfillment.

To bring back every strand of hair as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were”.

For every purchase of Showme Hair Building Fibers, a poor child of Gawad Kalinga, Philippines is sent back to school and provide their family: a roof over their heads.

Jackie Murphy